How to Wear 3 of Summer 2018's Hottest Trends


Summer is a great season to be less conservative and more relaxed, it's an excuse to be less boring and more expressive with your wardrobe. Let's talk about some of the hottest menswear trends for summer '18 and how to wear them daily.

Key menzrobe takeaways

  • 'Masculine' tropical prints with geometrical design and monochrome blazers
  • Bright office socks have basic neutral prints like checks and stripes in dark colors
  • Quick tip on choosing unusual bright socks: replicate a color from your pants/shoes in your socks
  • Consider side-stripe trousers as basic and mix them in both office and casual outfits 

Trend #1: Tropical Prints

You've probably seen a lot of t-shirts with tropical prints in stores this season. Indeed, they are trending this summer, but be careful with it.

Tropical print can make you look larger than you are or like you are a 14-year old boy wearing pajamas. Have a look at examples below:

To avoid this:

✔️ choose more 'geometrical' prints with angles and lines

✔️ add a monochrome blazer on top to look more masculine

Trend #2: Bright Socks

Bright socks have been setting the trends over the last years.

If you are an office guy, choose basic neutral prints like checks and stripes in dark colors which are traditionally worn in offices such as dark blue and shades of grey:

Be more creative on weekends - chose bright colors, unusual prints.

A quick tip on how to match colors on socks with the colors of your outfit: replicate a color from your pants/shoes in your socks. Have a look:

Trend #3: Vertical Stripes

Vertical stripes are very trendy this summer, especially side-stripe trousers.

Consider them as basic trousers that fit any look. You can wear them in a more sporty way: 

Or choose the ones that are office-friendly (if you don't have strict office code): 

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