Dedaldino: Motivating other guys look handsome regardless of the occasion


My name is Dedaldino Miguel, I am 24 years old. I live in the city of Porto in the north of Portugal.

I am a professional musician, the vocalist of the band Throes + The Shine. I spend most of my time touring around Europe and Latin America. As countries where I go have different climates, I always try to match my clothes with the season of the country. 

I am 1.70m tall and weight 60kg. I usually wear S sizes for shirts and pants and 40-41 sizes for shoes and sneakers. 

All my clothes come from several stores, some of high reputation, others are popular brands like Zara, Bershka, Pull and Bear, Primark, Massimo Dutti, Leftis and H&M. 

I do not give much importance to the brands, I buy the clothes that I like and those that I think look good on me, regardless of what is written on the label.

I believe that the secret to dressing well is not in the brands of clothes, but in the ability to choose the right piece, the right color and the right size and then combine them in one look.

I've always enjoyed the beauty of classic and elegant clothing, I didn't want to be a young man who always wears the basics such as jeans, sneakers and a simple t -shirt. I wanted to have the style to look at myself in the mirror and say: "Now, this is about you, you're grown up and look handsome".

The story of my style

I have always liked to dress up well regardless of the occasion and to stand out from others. The fact that I became a professional musician contributed a lot to my style - musicians must have their own charm such as a well-cared image and must be ready for any moment, whether it is a simple photo with a fan or an interview for a super famous magazine.

I developed my style by analyzing what young people of my age like to dress and observing other people with very different styles while keeping my eye on fashion and new emerging trends. 

I decided that I did not want to be like any other young men; I wanted to be someone who would make a difference and could motivate other people to always look presentable regardless of the occasion.

Over the years I've developed my personal shopping strategy that I call the triangle:

  1. Before buying new clothes, I first analyze what I already have in the wardrobe. I analyze the colors that I use the most and the types of shirts, pants, coats and shoes that I have.
  2. I play around with the colors. This allows me to mix them better and avoid poor color matches. For example: if I have black pants and a white shirt I will look for clothes in other colors to mix with black and white, so the whole process of color matches becomes easier. In this example it could be red. I can match black with red, red with white or black, red and white together.
  3. Purchase new clothes based on my color strategy.

My favorite outfits are those that make me feel most comfortable. I would never wear an uncomfortable attire, whether it would be a classic, casual or street style outfit. I very much enjoy wearing shirts, tailored pants and blazers, because they deliver a more serious look having the power to make any man more attractive.

10 wardrobe pieces that characterize my style: 

  • Classic shoes
  • Tailored pants
  • Slim shirts with V-neck
  • Pullover
  • Blazer
  • Coat
  • Watch
  • Rings
  • Bracelets

For me accessories are very important, as they complete the outfit and give you a certain charm. A ring, a watch, a bracelet, or even a pair of glasses are the details that can make your outfit more complete and more appealing.

Best stylish regards, 

Dedaldino @mobstyless

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