Luca: I see myself as the canvas I paint


My name is Luca. I'm 37, Italian living in Dubai. I'm a professional photographer and a passionate offroader.  

I love to dress stylish and I love when people look at me when I'm walking along the streets.  I'm a little bit of a peacock😜

I go to the gym 6 times a week but my love for bbq keeps me from being too fit 😁

I'm 1.73, my sizes are usually between M and S. I love brands like Zara, Converse and Iconic, but I also love high end wardrobe pieces like watches and Louboutin shoes!

I love to be versatile. I can wear vintage sneakers and a worn t-shirt as well as a designer suit and a walking stick. I love to see myself as the canvas I paint based on my mood of the day.

The story of my style

After many years spent not liking myself, I finally decided to change things and I lost 26kg, so I decided that it was the right time to celebrate the new me by wearing clothes that could finally show me instead of hiding me. I'm a little bit egocentric, so regardless of the style I'm wearing, the idea is that it must underline the new features of my body and face.

Most of all I enjoy walking in shops with no idea of what I am going to buy and I don't leave until I look at myself in the mirror and the clothes I bought make me feel the coolest kid in a town!

My favorite wardrobe items are bow ties! I love them and I like to wear bow ties even when the situation doesn't require a formal dress code. I simply dress them down by mixing them with a shirt with rolled sleeves and jeans. I inherited the love for bow ties ffrom my second favorite Doctor Who: Matt Smith!

10 wardrobe pieces that characterize my style: 

  • White sneakers of Converse
  • White watch from Tommy Hilfiger
  • Double monk strap shoes
  • Bow tie
  • Lots of sunglasses
  • Bomber jackets from Hypebeast, Zara
  • Ghutra for my desert trips
  • Jeans that show the shape of my legs
  • Shirt stays (braces) 
  • Tod's mocassins

Best stylish regards,

Luca @lucasgotstyle

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