Smart Casual: Kill Two Birds with One Stone


Last week during the AMA session in Instagram Stories you asked me about smart casual style. Let's see what it is.

Smart Casual - or you can also call it Business Casual - is a mix of business/formal and casual styles suitable for work outfits. Basically, if you don't have a strict dress code at work (e.g. suits only) you should wear smart casual during the week.

Smart Casual is probably the best style for men that really kills two birds with one stone:

1️⃣ suitable for every day work outfits and easily transforms into more casual weekend looks;
2️⃣ offers you the widest variety in terms of outfits you can create, so it's your chance to express yourself in your unique way.

So you better be Pro in building smart casual outfits!

Blazer is your must-have in your smart casual wardrobe, they build trust and status. You can wear it with jeans and any trousers and with any type of t-shirts and shirts.

Feel free to wear any type of shoes including casual ones👟👞⠀

Accessories are also allowed including bracelets (look good with watches) and even bright socks✌⠀

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