The Best Jeans for Men and How to Style Them


Get to know how to style the essential item of your wardrobe. 

Jeans are basic and universal, so you can literally mix it with anything in your wardrobe: t-shirt, shirts, hoodies, sweaters, blazers, jackets, coats. And all of them together 😄

Let's see how you can combine your wardrobe items in different colors with jeans to create a stylish look:

✔️Light color outfits with light blue jeans ⚪️ + ⚪️ 

✔️Contrasting color outfits: light + dark ⚪️ + ⚫️

✔️Mostly dark colors ⚫️ + ⚫️

✔️All shades of blue 🔵 + 🔵

✅ Here is another interesting combination: denim + denim. The rules are the same: you can combine a light blue denim jacket + light blue jeans, jeans and a jacket of contrasting colors (black jeans with a blue jacket), dark blue jeans with a dark blue jacket. 

❗️Traditionally jeans is considered casual wear. Although, if your workplace allows and you want to wear jeans for work, choose regular fit/skinny fit dark blue jeans with no rips, no print, no stripes. Plain dark blue jeans. Nothing extraordinary. 

How do you usually style your jeans? Comment below. 

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